A T T O R N E Y   A T   L A W

Eric Norton, Esq. 



Rape, Kidnapping, Gross Sexual Imposition - Not Guilty
Client accused of raping learning-disabled teen.  Defense: consent, plus accuser had history of false accusations.
Cuyahoga Case No. CR-609294

​Aggravated Robbery, Felonious Assault - Not Guilty
Client accused of shooting, robbing man in front of multiple witnesses; claimed ID process was corrupted.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-609574

Aggravated Murder, Gun Charges - Not Guilty
Client claimed police coerced him into falsely confessing to killing of rival gang member.
Cuyahoga Case No. CR-604198; Consolidated with Case No. CR-602693

Area Man Accused of Rape, Kidnapping Family Member - Not Guilty

Client's niece alleged that he sexually molested her from 1998 through 2007.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-575169


Rape, Kidnapping, Felonious Assault Charges - Not Guilty

Client met teen on-line; teen said he sexually assaulted her, fractured her hand and caused other injuries.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-579789

Attempted Murder and Felonious Assault Charges - Not Guilty

Client and cousins accused of shooting woman multiple times in botched robbery.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-561103


Father Cleared of 16 Molestation Charges - Not Guilty

Client’s adopted daughter accused him of sex abuse throughout her childhood.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-514741-A


Area Man Accused of Sex Abuse – Not Guilty

Client faced life sentence after being accused of raping ex-girlfriend's daughter.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-484827



Friends Accused of Gang Rape – Not Guilty

Client and friend accused of kidnap-rape of teenager on her way to school.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-483743



Maintenance Worker Accused of Sex with Underage Teens - Not Guilty

Client falsely accused of having sex with two 13 year-olds at apartment complex he managed.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-12-559907

Three Cases of Aggravated Robbery, Gun Charges - Not Guilty
Pizza delivery workers claimed Client robbed them at gun-point; defense argued ID process was unreliable.
Cuyahoga Case No. CR-510808

Felonious Assault  With Stiletto Heel- Not Guilty

Exotic dancer-client broke fellow dancer's nose and caused other injuries. Plastic surgery required; self defense claimed.
Cuyahoga Case No. CR-608449-B

Cleveland Teacher Charged With Beating Student - Not Guilty

Client accused of  assault by student and several classmates.

Cleveland Muni. Case No. CRB-8617

Juvenile Rape and Kidnapping Charges – Case Dismissed

Client faced life without parole based on 5-year old's sex abuse claim. 

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-492755


Appeal of Life Sentences for Child Sexual Abuse – Convictions Overturned

Client accused of raping underage cousins, faced life without parole.

Cuyahoga App. No. 83024



Appeal of Aggravated Robbery Charges - Conviction Overturned

Client wrongfully convicted of robbing convenience store at gunpoint.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-484038



Felony Drug Trafficking – Case Dismissed

Police search of Client's car trunk amounted to illegal search and seizure.

Lorain Case No. 06-CR-070728


Aggravated Murder and Robbery - Charges Dismissed (Pleaded to Obstruction)

Eyewitness falsely accused Client of shooting Parma man.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-08-519589

Reckless Homicide -  Convicted of Misdemeanor Only  

Client accused of fatally shooting his friend in the head.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-08-503332

Felony Tampering With Evidence - Case Dismissed
Client accused of destroying evidence claimed police search violated Fourth Amendment Rights.
Cuyahoga Case No. CR-593623

Felony Drug Possession - Case Dismissed

Designer drug evidence suppressed; search of Client's pockets held unconstitutional.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-571389


Charity Director Accused of Child Endangering - Not Guilty

Client accused of jeopardizing the safety of juvenile door-to-door sales staff.

Rocky River Case No. 12-CRB-2025 & 2026

Corrections Officer Accused of DUI – Case Dismissed

Police stop based on vague 911 tip violated the Fourth Amendment.

Rocky River Case No. 03-TRC-28589


CPA Accused of DUI After Causing Multi-Car Pile-Up – Case Dismissed

Client arrested for “failing” field sobriety tests after multi-car collision. 

Cleveland Case No. 2001-TRC-122586


RN Accused of Breaking into Doctor's Office - Charges Dismissed

Client falsely accused of breaking into a Doctor's office and stealing pain medication.

Cuyahoga Case No. CR-09-523432-A


Video Evidence in DUI Case – Not Guilty

Jury acquitted Client of DUI based on video evidence and flawed field sobriety tests; found guilty of "weaving" only. 

Lyndhurst Case No.  03-TRC-3009


Man Accused of Domestic Violence, Child Endangering - Case Dismissed

Client charged with wife-beating based on her accusation and misinformation in medical records.

Cleveland Muni. Case No. 2007- CRB-022192




Collapsed Hunting Stand Causes Fractured Wrist - $105K Settlement

Client shattered wrist after 15-foot deer stand collapsed.

Cuyahoga Case No. CV-497895.


Collision Leads to Dental Injuries - $75K Settlement

Auto struck Client’s vehicle causing her to run into tree.

Cuyahoga Case No. CV-759869


Car Accident Causes Broken Vertebra - $65K Settlement

Other driver "T-boned" Client’s vehicle at intersection, per eyewitnesses.

Cuyahoga Case No. CV-573742




Mail Carrier Wins Reverse Race Discrimination Case - $100K+ Settlement         

White mail carrier fired from mainly-black post office by hostile manager. 

EEO Case No. 4C-440-0192-05 & EEOC Case No. 220-2006-00001X


Overtime/Wages Recovered for Fitness Center Workers - $100K+ Settlement

Workers were denied minimum wage and overtime over a 2.5 year period.

Doe, et al. v. ABC Fitness Corp. – N.D. Ohio (confidential settlement)


Gender Bias Claims Lead to Settlement for 15 Women - $103K Settlement

Female applicants rejected for jobs in favor of males responding to help-wanted ad.

Doe et al. v. ABC Utilities Corp. – N.D. Ohio (confidential settlement)


Race-Bias Claim Against Insurance Business - $53K Settlement  

Black manager accused employer of treating her worse than white counterparts.

Doe v. ABC Insurance Servs. Co. (confidential settlement)


Employee Fired Over Wrist Injury Wins Back Job - $87.5K Settlement

25-year employee fired after a work-related shoulder injury left one arm non-functional.

Doe, et al. v. ABC Health Care Corp. – N.D. Ohio (confidential settlement)


Sexual Harassment Involving Inflatable Sex Doll - $80K Settlement

Auxiliary police officer exposed to vulgarity, porn and blow-up doll in the workplace. 

Lorain Case No. CV-02-131859


Older Worker Pressured to Retire - $90K Settlement

68-year old Client claimed he was fired in a way that made it look like he had resigned.

Doe, et al. v. ABC Manufacturing Corp. – N.D. Ohio (confidential settlement)


Professor Fired for Taking Time Off to Care for Family - $50K Settlement

Client accused University of misleading her about absences being FMLA-covered.

N.D. Ohio Case No. 5:06-CV-02476


Engineering Firm Assistants Denied Overtime - $39K Settlement

Court approved settlement in favor of employees with FLSA claims.

Doe, et al. v. ABC Mapping Co. – N.D. Ohio (confidential settlement)


Jury Finds for Manager in Refusal-to-Pay Bonus Case - $27.5K Verdict

Employer failed to pay bonus after Client's team hit multi-million dollar sales goal.

Summit App. No. CA-25448



School Treasurer Sues for Breach of Contract - $50K Settlement

Client sued area school district after it cut his pay and fired him for complaining about it.

Mahoning App. No. 03 MA 87



Appeals Court Grants Worker’s Trial on Race Bias Claims – Reversed in Employee’s Favor

Client successfully appealed dismissal of his case; jury ultimately decided in his favor.

Cuyahoga App. No. 83849